Gold Medal Training Schedule emphasizes distance training. Athletes will work in small groups based on each individual's training needs. Campers should be prepared for a minimum of two training sessions a day. Instruction at the camp will cover topics such as:
• Training Methods
• Running Form
• Racing Strategy
• Injury Prevention
• Videotape Analysis
• Aqua Training
• Weight Training
Gold Medal Running camp features a talented staff of coaches and lecturers every year. One of our goals is to make every camper a smarter runner for both their training and racing. Campers will also hear from visiting specialists in such areas as Sport Psychology, Nutrition and Yoga. Dartmouth nutritionist, Claudette Peck, will speak to the campers on diet choices for training and competition.

Camp coaches and counselors will lead and run every training session through the beautiful New England surroundings. Distance running at Gold Medal camp is an exhilarating and rewarding experience! The daily schedule runs from 7am to 11pm and features guest speakers including well-known coaches and specialists:
• 7:00 Wake Up
• 7:15 Morning Run
• 8:00 Breakfast
• 10:00 Training
• 12:00 Lunch
• 1:00 Meeting
• 3:00 Training
• 5:30 Dinner
• 7:00 Lecture
• 8:30 Recreation
• 10:30 Curfew
• 11:00 Lights Out